Career Goals

The Grind Doesn't Stop At College - Where Next?

So college is over and I am ready to take on new tasks! So... what's next?

Jacob is looking to jobs related to video games (business), social media, community relations, web design/development, or d) all the above! Inside those companies, Jacob is looking for roles in communications, social media/community management, and other roles in new media technology. My cover letter & resume can be found on my homepage.

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Companies Jake Has Applied to for Internships

Bungie Studios




SWB RailRiders

Career Hopes

Jake is hoping to receive full-time employment with the Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing at Commonwealth University as an employee assisting in the enhancement of their digital strategies moving forward.

Jake is currently a Marketing Web Assistant with the office working on their website consolidation project over the course of the next five months.

Jake will take any roles relating to marketing and communications in higher education, corporate offices, and/or video games!

Check out his RESUME to learn more!