Jake's Bio:

Jake Eiden is a current senior media & journalism student of the Bloomsburg campus at Commonwealth University focusing on Emergent Media, a newer and modern concept of mass communications. Jake holds positions in a few student organizations across campus such as The Voice student-run newspaper, BUnow, and PRSSA. He is enthusiastic about the world of multimedia, and constantly is learning more each day.

Jake thrives in improving and constructing websites for various organizations across campus, as well as promoting the era of digital media. He has experience as a Marketing Web Assistant for Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania, specifically the Division of Strategic Communications and Marketing. Jake is currently a student lead on the website consolidation project, where the team will be sunsetting three legacy sites (bloomu.edu, lockhaven.edu, mansfield.edu) into official site found at commonwealthu.edu. He has held the webmaster position with BUnow, but is now currently leading the team as their General Manager. He also coordinates digital strategies for The Voice and PRSSA

Aside from media work, Jake was previously a Core Resident Assistant with the Office of Housing and Residence Life at CU Bloomsburg. A Core RA is an undergraduate student who has completed at least one academic year as a RA. A Core RA follows the same description as the Resident Assistant. In addition, the Core RAs assume increased levels of responsibilities within their staff and residential community. Core RAs serve as a peer mentor for their staff mates. This position is designed to allow the student to potentially take on any non-supervisory responsibilities that fit the needs of the staff and aid the Graduate Hall Director. Some examples of these responsibilities include but are not limited to creating the desk schedule, holding office hours, and tracking programs.

Jake will be graduating in the Spring of 2024 where he is looking for work in communications, social media, website project coordination, branding and visual communications, and any work relating to marketing and communications in higher education or corporate settings.

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Commonwealth University - Bloomsburg

Graduation: May 2024 | GPA: 3.7

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